Back-To-School — Make Managing Type 1 A Breeze

So you’ve made it through the rising temperatures of the summer. Maybe you’ve managed your diabetes while traveling or sent your little type one off to diabetes camp. None of these are easy to accomplish, but you’ve found a way. So what mountain will you climb next? With the school year quickly approaching, it’s about time to start planning what this year’s routine is going to look like. Let’s talk through some options and steps you can take to make managing diabetes this year a breeze.


The Nurse:

One of the easiest steps you can take is to make sure the school nurse is fully stocked on low blood sugar supplies. At the end of the day, it’s not your job, which means it’s not your decision. A good place to start is to find out whether or not the school nurse has heard of Transcend. If they’ve never used Transcend before, introduce them to our Glucose Gels. Have them contact us and we’ll discuss what they might need and how and when to use Glucose Gels to efficiently combat students’ lows. We’re always looking for opportunities to donate and raise awareness about our product. If they have heard about Transcend, find out if they’re fully stocked. Send them our way if they’re not!


Knowing what the nurse has to treat hypoglycemia can provide peace of mind for parents when sending their kiddos off to school. It’s important to talk with the school nurse and set up a plan for your child and their needs. Provide treatment for hypoglycemia and decide when and how you’d like to be contacted when your child’s blood sugar is low. There’s a lot that goes into making sure the nurse has everything your child needs, but these are some good places to start.


Low Kit:

Sending your kid off with a well-stocked and diversified low kit is a great way to help ensure success while at school. Most children, though not all, are not the biggest fans of continuous repetition. They’re going to want to have some different options for treating low blood sugar, and will be thankful when they do. However, as they get older, they might begin to prioritize effectiveness over diverse options. Either way, make sure your child has plenty of their favorite Transcend Glucose Gel flavor(s) in their low kit. The Glucose Gels will raise their blood sugar quickly and efficiently without causing them to crash shortly after. Part of your child’s success in school is a result of how well their diabetes is managed. Eliminate periods of struggle due to low blood sugar with Transcend.


Back-to-school time can be intimidating for both type ones and their parents. At Transcend, we’re dedicated to making this time of year a little less stressful by providing the solution to hypoglycemia. We can’t prevent lows from occurring, but we can provide a product that is strictly designed for these moments. Make sure your child and school as a whole are properly stocked on Transcend. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help facilitate this process.