Diabetic-Friendly Recipes In The Fall

Pumpkin Roll Diabetic-Friendly Recipes

Here are four diabetic-friendly recipes for the fall! Get more meal-time inspiration for diabetic-friendly dishes on our Pinterest page. 

Warm Apple Crisp by diabetes.org

With it being autumn and apple season, this apple crisp recipe is bound to satisfy your sweet tooth.

apple crisp diabetic friendly recipes

Butternut Squash Stew with Chickpeas  by allrecipes.com

Butternut squash is in season and tastes delicious in stew form mixed with protein-rich chickpeas.

 butternut squash stew diabetic friendly recipes

Pumpkin Roll by diabeticgourmet.com

This most scrumptious diabetes-approved pumpkin roll that’s sure to hit a sweet spot!
pumpkin roll diabetic friendly recipes

Harvested Chicken Stew by allrecipes.com

Learn how to make this hearty stew that’s jam-packed with nutritious vegetables and chicken. 

harvested chicken stew diabetic friendly recipes 

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