Transcend Warrior – Grace Marciski

My Story:

I was diagnosed mid hockey season when I was nine, and the first thing I did while sitting in my hospital room was map out how many days until my next hockey tournament. When the doctor asked if me or my parents had questions, my parents didn’t have a chance to say anything before I stated when the tournament was and asked if I would be able to play in it. When I was given the ok I was so excited but also really nervous. Back then my dad coached my team so I could have him carry my bag with my tester and treatments (at the time it was mostly juice), but as I got older and my dad stopped coaching, I was faced with the problem that other coaches would forget the bag or not want to carry it, so I had to come up with a new plan. I had started on the freestyle libre, and that saved my butt in this plan, due to only having to carry it and low treatments onto the bench, so I shoved it in and some packets of messy powdery candy into a little pouch and my coach would keep it in his pocket for the whole game, unless I asked for it/needed it. But then I realized the candies were breaking and causing a powdery mess, and thus the search began again for an easy, small, clean treatment option to go into the pouch. This is when I found Transcend and fell in love. They fit perfectly in the pouch and didn’t make a mess. It was the perfect option! Now I don’t worry when I’m on the ice, bench or in the dressing room because I know I have a perfect sugar option ready for when I need it, and it’s not causing a mess!

My Health Details

  • Type of Diabetes:Type 1
  • Low blood sugar instances per week:4-5 Instances
  • Daily number of times checking blood sugar:4-6 times/day
  • Managing Diabetes with:Insulin Pump

How has Transcend helped treat your low blood sugars?

Transcend Glucose Gels have helped me because they help lift my blood sugar quickly and don’t spike it too much. They are really amazing because they are easy to carry and don’t make as much of a mess as glucose tabs or other candies, and they are lighter and smaller than carrying juice around, especially for things like sports and hanging out with my friends.