Meet Our Warriors

Transcend Warrior – Lindsay Jones

My life has been one big adventure since I was diagnosed at 6 years old. 27 years and counting! I’ve sailed on a 131 foot wooden schooner for 5 months and over 5500 miles on the Atlantic, been to space camp, finished 3 full marathons, been a volunteer fire fighter, traveled to ski all over […]

Transcend Warrior – Tyler Sousa

I work in construction and play on a lot of sport teams, so my blood sugar is lower than it should be. I was born with my intestines wrapped around my pancreas and when the doctors operated they nicked my pancreas, causing pancreatic failure, which led to me becoming a diabetic. I wasn’t diagnose like […]

Transcend Warrior – Logan Pritchard

I’m a Type 1 Diabetic professional firefighter. I’ve always been active and once I was diagnosed, that didn’t stop me from being active. I like to hunt, hike, climb, mountain bike, exercise, and be outdoors. I’m 29 years old and have 3 kids that I chase around all under the age 4. Being a Type […]

Transcend Warrior – Samantha Kellmann

I try not to let this disease stop me. Shortly after my diagnosis, a year ago to the day tomorrow, I signed up to complete a series of 5Ks. I’m determined to not let this disease limit me, but instead, open more doors than I had before. Right now, my goal is to run a […]

Transcend Warrior – Sam Holman

I’m a freshman at college, living away from home for the first time. A week ago my roommate had to give me glucagon (also my first time). Someone from JDRF told me about your gels and about your Warrior program. She said her favorite flavor is strawberry so we’re buying some from Amazon.

Transcend Warrior – Jessica Roesener

I had been using my insulin pump for 12 yrs and had to give it up due to pain on my sites. I then went about a year on shots and was having a hard taking my insulin that way due pain, itching, and swelling when took any. I just recently found out that I […]

Transcend Warrior – Kirby Young

I remember being in Japan, hiking in a national park and experiencing a low. I remember the anxiety that comes with not being sure how I’m going to fix my low, and knowing there is a huge language barrier. Once I discovered the Transcend Glucose Gels, I have never traveled without them and I know […]

Transcend Warrior – Shelby Gabbard

I’ve done many things with diabetes but being a mom chasing two kids around is hard and can lower my glucose in a moment! I was home alone with my son and I remember feeling hot and sick and shaken, my glucose was 55. I was scared because no one was able to come over […]

Transcend Warrior – Mary Jordan

At work one time, I looked over at my coworker and asked her where I was. My blood sugar had plummeted and I was probably on the verge of passing out. I had no idea where I was or what I was doing. My coworkers say it took about 30 minutes for them to get […]

Transcend Warrior – Faith Frye

I was diagnosed October 22, 2019 and how it happened was my mother found me in a diabetic coma in my bedroom. This happened to me after a big week in my school. It was homecoming week and I spent days wearing myself out. So we thought I caught the flu by being outside for […]