Meet Our Warriors

Transcend Warrior – Renee Goldsborough

I had hypoglycemia most of my life. My pancreas just worked too hard! At one month before my 21st birthday it shut down and I had no idea. I went to the doctor for feeling sick and they ran tests. I was sent to the emergency room because I was in DKA and had no […]

Transcend Warrior – Sara Gadbois

I was diagnosed almost 34 years ago. Because I have such tight control I often have more lower blood sugars than high. I have absolutely no complications! I live a very active lifestyle and am an extremely clean eater. Those that know me are blown away with my ability to be a mother, work full […]

Transcend Warrior – Roz Jones

I’ve been diabetic for almost 30 years and was diagnosed at 9. I was in a coma for about 3 days, and my parents were told I wouldn’t make it! But here I am 30 years later. I’ve been married 19 years and have 4 beautiful growing boys!

Transcend Warrior – Raynebow Sonneblume Duzan

I was misdiagnosed in 2005 with T2.5d and all those years on insulin shots, (Novolog & Lantus) I rarely had my numbers anywhere near controlled. I was told I basically had T2, and didn’t think it was a big deal. Didn’t change my diet, gained weight up to nearly 600lbs. I didn’t leave the apt […]

Transcend Warrior – Richard Lawrence

Having T1D is a disease that is never the same each day. Highs and lows happen at times with no reason. You have to be ready with your insulin, glucose meter, hydration fluids and rescue snacks/aids to take control of what diabetes presents you with at any moment. You must control it and not let […]

Transcend Warrior – Roy Giunta

I was diagnosed at the age of 5, 48 now. Living with type 1 for over 40 years. I was diagnosed the day before my 5th birthday. Typical symptoms of excessive thirst, constant urination, tired all the time. I was rushed into the hospital after my bloodwork came back with a BG of over 600. […]

Transcend Warrior – Leah Spoar

I use the gels to keep my sugars where they need to be while running and training for races. I also take them hiking in the Adirondacks, bicycle riding, or conveniently store them in my bag when I leave home. I love that I can easily carry 10 pouches in my running vest, and not […]

Transcend Warrior – Gabriela Santaniello

I have been a diabetic for 9 years. I have learned to be confident with this disease and not let it stop me from reaching the stars! All throughout high school I was on the cheer team and flipped and stunted managing my diabetes. Through getting this disease at 9 i learned how to be […]

Transcend Warrior – Andrea Diaz

I am Andrea, and I’m 22 years old. My debut with type 1 diabetes was at 4 years old and for me living with diabetes has been a life experience full of good and bad things. Thanks to diabetes I have learned many things and today I appreciate having it because it has opened many […]

Transcend Warrior – Alexandria Shuler

I was Diagnosed at 19 ( September 16, 2007) I will never forget that day. My world changed. I didn’t want to believe it. Up until 2012 I was in denial. In 2012 I went into my 1st Dka. After that I was going to take this head on. Which I did. 6months after my […]

Transcend Warrior – Leilah Mennes

I’m Leilah. I am a 13 year old athlete living with type one diabetes since I was 8 years old. I love sports. I have been involved with an activity since I was 2 years old (started in 3 styles of dance). Then Softball came at the age of 4. The love I have for […]