Meet Our Warriors

Transcend Warrior – Whitney Gillett

Hi, my name is Whitney! I am a Choreographer/Artistic Director in New York City. I was diagnosed with T1D in 2014, and then again in 2016. Long story. So, I have officially had Type 1 for 3 years! Throughout these three years I’ve dealt with lows that have caused pretty severe hypo anxiety. Transcend Glucose […]

Transcend Warrior – Alejandra Marquez

Since I was diagnosed and got a horrible low when I just started using insulin, I am so afraid to be low and not having anything to treat it. When I found Transcended in a Diabetes Sisters conference, I felt more confident to have them everywhere I go. 3 years ago I started training for […]

Transcend Warrior – Cindy Campaniello

Diabetes is not who I am. I’m an active, 60-year-old, healthy woman who enjoys an active lifestyle which includes yoga, water aerobics, cooking, concerts, volunteering and engaging in life with a few hiccups along the way with diabetes. Transcend has helped me tremendously in that management. They travel anywhere easily and are compact enough to […]

Transcend Warrior – Tara Kuper

Diabetes can definitely be a pain in the behind, there’s no doubt about it. Anytime I’m having a rough day, I reach out to the community of other amazing T1s that I’ve met though camp, runs, meetups, etc. They either talk me through my problem or just cheer me up. When I’m having an amazing […]

Transcend Warrior – Gabrielle Oldfield

I was diagnosed in 2014 at 48. My doc said I would need to be careful with physical activity because of taking insulin. I had hiked over 100 miles during the summer and was stunned to think I might not be able to continue to do the things I love safely. I decided to dive […]

Transcend Warrior – Clare Fishman

I’m a distance cyclist, golfer and competitive tennis player. I don’t like to have to stop what I’m doing to treat a low. Transcend Gels allow me to continue the ride, round or match without having to wait for them to work and bring my blood sugar up.

Transcend Warrior – Carol Zichella

I’m a nurse and a diabetes educator. I work for a school district where in addition to caring to the 740 students in my school, I manage the care plans for every diabetic student in our district of over 7,000 total students. I am also in my last semester of school to obtain my master’s […]

Transcend Warrior – Keturah DeLye

I’m a survivor of going into ketoacidosis at least 5 times in my life, and 2 years ago I had a heart attack. I thought I was just having really bad heartburn, but I became really sick with pain radiating from my chest to back with shortage of breath. My husband took me to the […]

Transcend Warrior – Maci Schiess

I love doing gymnastics, swimming and dance. During this time if I go low, I have a strawberry Transcend as it’s my favorite! It’s the fastest way to get 15 easy carbs into my body. I love it!

Transcend Warrior – Amanda Haddock

I live by never letting my “disability” hinder my experiences. Preparation is key to my ability to transcend. My first big step out of my comfort zone was joining the conservation and from there I have gone on multiple solo backpacking and camping trips and strive to live my best life outdoors and on the […]

Transcend Warrior – Katie Baker

I have been type 1 since I was 18. I am now 35. In the past year I have lost over 30lbs by exercise and have found a true love for weight lifting! I feel like I’ve only just begun. I definitely do not let diabetes hold me back from achieving goals. If anything, it […]

Transcend Warrior – Hannah Hedke

I was 11 years old when I was diagnosed. I’m a competitive figure skater who spends up to 15 hours per week in both on and off ice training, and I can’t let type 1 get in my way. Despite the difficulties a low blood sugar can bring in the midst of a competition or […]