Meet Our Warriors

Transcend Warrior – Angela Nordhues

I was diagnosed at the age of 5 (in 1995). The blood glucose testers required a giant drop of blood, the insulin was precocious and I had to eat snacks regularly to keep from going low. But despite the crudeness of the treatment, it was light years ahead of treatments just 25 years before. Now, […]

Transcend Warrior – Heather Beran

I have been married to a US Army member for 10 years now. It’s been a struggle keeping my A1C in check with 1,000 miles in travel alone from  my home state to an army base every 3 months. It takes a lot of organizing and pre-planning because of different doctors on post vs the […]

Transcend Warrior – Kayla Gray

Diabetes and school do not go well together. I have had many instances where I struggled to get my work done because my sugar was either too high or too low. I am a recent college graduate who spent many days fighting through blood sugar fluctuations. I remember one specific week where I was prescribed […]

Transcend Warrior – Adrienne Kuhnly

I have been a type 1 diabetic for almost 30 years now. My mom managed it until she died when I was 15. It’s been rough. I’ve been hospitalized more times than I ever wanted to be. Finally after the past couple years, it has gotten better. I’m now on a pump. My partner helped […]

Transcend Warrior – Karen McAllister

I was misdiagnosed as type 2 after my first DKA in 2013. I followed a strict low-carb, high-protein diet and lost 100 pounds. I had a 2nd DKA in December of 2017 and was finally diagnosed correctly after a GAD test was conducted. Taking 5+ injections a day doesn’t bother me and as crazy as […]

Transcend Warrior – Nicole Taylor

My pregnancies have lead my sugars to bottom out where I would not respond. It happened while home alone and I was found unconscious on the bed. And during another pregnancy, it happened while I was at my daughters hospital room when she was getting cancer treatments.

Transcend Warrior – Ann Brown

I am a group fitness instructor and it can be hard to manage my blood sugars during exercise. I have to make sure they are high enough before teaching that I don’t suffer a low during class but not too high because that makes me not feel good.

Transcend Warrior – Lyndsey Golding

My mom owns a dance studio and from a very early age, she would encourage me to check my blood sugar in front of customers to help me feel more comfortable and also to open others up that would then ask questions and would start conversations about my disease. It is a great way to […]