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A Better Way to Manage Your Lows

15 grams of fast-acting
glucose — no more, no less.



Fast-Acting Glucose Right When You Need It

We had your busy lifestyle in mind when designing the packaging for our glucose gels and shots for people living with diabetes. Each gel pack and shot bottle is specifically designed to last so you can throw it in your backpack, purse, pocket, trunk — wherever you need it. We made sure it was easy to open and works fast (within minutes for most) with packaging made to withstand life.

Soona Model

Fast-Acting Glucose


Supports Healthy
Blood Sugar


Used by First Responders


Gluten Free

Transcend Glucose


Strawberry Glucose

Sweet strawberry goodness (similar taste to a jolly rancher) awaits with our strawberry gels. While it tastes amazing, it works equally well at efficiently raising your blood sugar levels. 


Orange Glucose

The sunshiny tangy sweetness of our orange gels tastes great. Treat your low blood sugar with ease whenever and wherever you are.


Mixed Berry
Glucose Shots

Our Mixed Berry Glucose Shots are jam-packed with a blended berry flavor. The liquid consistency is just what you need for a shot of fast-acting glucose whenever you experience a low. 

We're On a Mission to Make Living with Diabetes Easier

At Transcend, we’re focused on providing freedom. Freedom from the challenges diabetes presents—freedom from the worries, frustrations, and boundaries it tries to put in place for us. Sure, we have setbacks and bad days, but those aren’t weaknesses—those are true feelings of warriors living with an invisible illness.

We see you! We see your struggles and your triumphs, and we’re here to support you. Transcend was born out of a desire to find a better way to live. And we won’t stop until we get there.

And we won’t stop until we get there.


Words from

“This is the most effective treatment for low BG and will not send your BG skyrocketing with over treatment. Easy to use, not too much to eat, tastes pretty good. But honestly it is the quick impact it gives when you are low. In the bedside table, purse, backpack, pocket, car. Don't leave home without it.”
D. M.
“LOVE having Transcend gels with me. I am a long distance road cyclist riding over 5000 miles each year for the past 15 years. Having a reliable source of glucose with me to fix low BG is critical to my riding schedule. I have just "celebrated" my 56 year "Diaversary" of Type 1 diabetes last month - I'm now coming close to my 62nd birthday this Fall, By the way, I m also an experienced Diabetes Educator - I tell my patients about Transcend gels nearly every day.”
Nan B.
“This product was recommended to me by an EMT for treating severe low blood sugar episodes. The packs are conveniently sized and easy to open, even with shaky hands. The gel performs better for me than other hypoglycemia treatment options I have tried: it brings my number up quickly without sending it too high, and doesn't create a bad aftertaste or heartburn. I highly recommend this!”
“Easy way to transport 15g of glucose for soccer games like my little one needs!"
Kimberly M.
“What I like about this product is that it’s an easy way for my husband to bring up his numbers when he has a low sugar level. Much better than sugar pills. Easy to keep in your car, by your bed and in the kitchen. Very user friendly."
Denice C.
“I found this product earlier this year and have had it on auto delivery ever since. My girlfriend is diabetic and these things work miracles, especially during low sugar events in the middle of the night. I carry these with me everywhere now. They don’t come cheap, but they are convenient and work extremely fast.”
C. Bailey
"These gel packs are easy to use and they travel well. I was afraid the punch flavor would be overwhelming, but I was pleasantly surprised. I have found that it slowly raised blood sugar without making you jittery. I ride my bike five miles every day and test my blood sugar before every ride because these rides tend to drastically lower my blood glucose levels. When I tested my sugar was 72. That is good, but I knew it would drop during the ride. I consumed one gel pack and went for my ride. The gel pack kept me steady so that when I tested after the ride I was at 69. I of course ate something when I got home, but I was pleased that the gel pack sustained me so well. I will buy these again!
“I have been a Diabetic since 2005 and am so grateful that I was introduced to Transcend a LIFE SAVER I have several senior friends that are also Diabetic and give them a few packets to have on hand......I will again share some of my recent order I have the packets in every corner of my home, in my car and pocketbooks Recently I was hospitalized and Miss Rachet, RN took my reading. It was down to 56 I had TRANSCEND IN MY BAG and she was shocked as never hearing about this before. She took my empty pouch and was going to order for her dad. Also I find as we get older the highs and low counts are more frequent....TRANSCEND TO THE RESCUE.....”

“Cuando tengo la azúcar baja lo utilizo,tiene buen sabor. Lo compro por mucho tiempo."

Blanca M.

First Responders Trust Us

90% of domestic ambulance services use Transcend to raise lows in emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Why is Transcend better than candy, soda, or juice?

Q. Does Transcend need to be refrigerated?