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Living Our New Normal

April 30, 2020

Transcend is here for you! We understand living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes puts us at a higher risk of experiencing COVID-19 complications, according to the American Diabetes Association – and we want you to know it’s important for us all to support and service our diabetes community. If we continue to stand together we will persevere and become even stronger!

As COVID-19 headlines continue to fill newsstands and is the main topic of conversation across the nation, we want to be a resource and support you during these times. While our scenery has changed, we wanted to share some tips of our new normal routines and activities, how we can make it fun, and how to stay prepared while living with diabetes during COVID-19. Enjoy these tips from Transcend:

Create an At-Home Routine that You Love – We know that diabetics like structure and organization, because without these characteristics, we would not be managing our diabetes in an efficient manner! By encouraging yourself to get up in the morning and continue with an active routine, your body will eventually get used to it and you might even like it! We’re talking a morning stretch, cup of tea at 10AM, an afternoon walk – anything that will get up and jumpstart your day.
Bring Back Old Hobbies – With all of our extra time at home, now is the time to bring back those old hobbies that you love and miss. We’ve been SO impressed with the amount of embroidery designs we’ve seen, handmade knitted clothing, completed puzzles, drawings and more. Keep your mind active and busy with these activities that are fun and easy to do at home!
Make Bolusing Fun – Do you have trouble tracking carbs and bolusing? Make bolusing at home fun and colorful. Create a chart that you can hang up on the wall to track all of your food intake, bolus numbers and insulin for every meal. Get the family involved and have each person create and color a chart for you to use each week or month!
Binge Your Favorite Show – We couldn’t miss out on this tip! We have plenty of free time on our hands – don’t feel guilty by bingeing your favorite show start to finish, for the second or third time. That is what quarantine is for!

While these times are different and unusual to anything we’ve experienced before in this decade, now is the time to make the most of it! The American Diabetes Association stated, “When people with diabetes do not manage their diabetes well and experience fluctuating blood sugars, they are generally at risk for a number of diabetes-related complications.” Remember to put yourself, your health, and your happiness first and manage your diabetes as well as possible.

One way we know that will help is if you remember to keep Transcend Strawberry and Orange 15g fast-acting glucose gels on you for an easy refueling of energy.

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