New Year, New Goals

Living with T1D means that you must be equipped and prepared to manage your diabetes every single day. When a new year rolls around, often times we start preparing for not only that day, but the year ahead. From resolutions, to goals, is it important to reach for something, even if it isn’t easily obtainable. Whether that be eating healthier, getting to the gym more often, spending more time with your friends and family, or reading a book per month – setting a goal for yourself will push you to be a better version of who you are today.

With that said, some goals aren’t always the easiest, especially when managing your diabetes is always in the back of your mind. In fact, many people create long lists of New Year’s resolutions that while they may be well-intentioned, rarely produce the results they’re looking for or are dropped after the first three weeks. Transcend is here to help you set yourself up for success.

Instead of creating resolutions, we recommend creating a list of words or phrases that will motivate and guide you throughout the remainder of the year. These words/phrases will lift your head up, tell you not to give up, and push you to reach and obtain your resolution, if you have one.

For example, one of Transcend’s 2020 words of motivation is “determined.” We are determined to conquer our fears. We are determined to stay on top of and complete our weekly tasks. We are determined to manage our diabetes effectively and efficiently.

We want to hear from our T1D community. What is your 2020 word/phrase of motivation? Is there something that you write down, tape to your desk or mirror, or store in the back of your head to tell you to keep going? Living with diabetes can often be challenging, but these words will help you overcome the challenges and persevere. We are a strong community, and T1D shouldn’t stop us from doing the things we love.

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