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Spring Shape Up and Warmer Weather – Manage Hypoglycemia In Spring with Transcend

April 4, 2019

Spring is the time to start fresh and new, which is why we frequently hear things like “spring clean” and “spring shape up.” While cleaning up the house or car is without a doubt beneficial for everyone, as type 1’s it’s important that we spring clean how we manage our diabetes. The question is, what does this look like?

The first place to start is to evaluate what’s working best in your routine and what could be improved. If you’re loving the way you’re checking your blood sugar and it’s working for you, then there’s no need to change. If you find that your process could be better, it’s time to look into a continuous glucose monitor or possibly upgrading the one you currently use. One of the questions we always ask other type 1’s is how they’re treating their lows. Many of the traditional ways to treat low blood sugar, such as candies or juice, may bring you back up only to make you crash again shortly after. It can also be difficult to judge how much glucose you’re consuming with candies and juice, which makes it easy to over-treat. We’ve met many type 1’s who use glucose tabs to treat low blood sugar, but the comments about these are almost always the same — the chalky texture and taste is less than appealing. If you’re still using one of these conventional ways to treat your low blood sugar, this spring is the perfect time for you to try Transcend Glucose Gels. With 15g of fast-acting glucose, the recommended amount by the American Diabetes Association, and two delicious flavors, Transcend quickly and efficiently raises your blood sugar without risking over-treatment.

With spring comes warmer weather. Spring is also typically a time of year where we experience more lows. Many people jump on the opportunity to workout outside and get our beach bodies ready for the warmer seasons. An increase in exercise is one of the reasons for the rise in hypoglycemia. With warmer weather, our options and opportunities for exercise rise, even if it’s just playing outside with the kids. If you don’t fall in the category of exercising more than you normally do during this season, it’s been found that Spring’s warmer weather often cause more lows. Throughout winter, our bodies get used to the cold and adjusts our insulin levels. When the temperature rises, we require an adjustment period. During this time, we typically experience more hypoglycemia. There’s no better way to treat your lows than with Transcend Glucose Gels. The durable and flexible pouch makes it easy for you take the gels wherever you go. Hypoglycemia may occur more than normal this spring, but with Transcend, it’s never been so convenient and tasty to treat.

Spring is all about starting over and evaluating what’s working the best in your diabetes management routine. Your routine might not need to change all that much, but it’s important to take a look at it and reevaluate because spring usually brings more instances of hypoglycemia. Transcend Glucose Gels are here to provide you with 15g of fast-acting glucose to quickly and efficiently treat your lows.

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