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The Ultimate Type 1 Diabetes Gift Guide

Trying to find the perfect gift for someone with type 1 diabetes? Shopping for gifts for the t1d in your life just got easier with this gift guide featuring the most useful, fun, and creative ideas to make life a little sweeter!

Blood Sugar Monitoring Supplies

T1D’s can never have too many supplies for testing blood glucose levels. Update their glucose meter with a stylish new model or give them extra test strips and lancets. Consider getting specialty monitoring devices like a continuous glucose monitor or flash glucose monitor to help manage levels.

These are pricey, so trendy cases to organize all their supplies are also useful!

Insulin Delivery Tools

Insulin pens or syringes are daily necessities. Upgrade old injection devices with the newest generation or fancy limited edition color pens. For those using insulin pumps, give them extra infusion sets, skin adhesives, cases, and other accessories to personalize their pump!

Blood Sugar Technology

Apps, activity trackers, and smartwatches with blood sugar tracking integration make managing diabetes high-tech. Select devices with continuous glucose monitoring capabilities or USB drives to easily download data from glucose meters to a computer.

Not sure what your t1d already has in terms of technology? Try asking their partner, friend, or family member to avoid buying anything they may have already, or have used and discarded for other reasons in the past.

Healthcare Accessories

Make medical tasks easier with products like cooling wristbands for insulin, bag covers that hold Transcend glucose gels or meters, or even stylish shoelaces that accommodate medical alert tags. If you know your t1d friend or family member takes medication often in the form of pills, getting them a pill organizer with a timer on it could also be a helpful gift!

Self-Care Items

Stress hits a person with t1d a little bit differently than it may for those living without the condition. Help your friend or family member to manage stress and practice self-care with calming essential oils, meditation CDs, weighted blankets, massage tools, herbal teas, aromatherapy diffusers, or adult coloring books. Journals and motivational books can also help t1d’s who enjoy writing and reading to lower cortisol levels.

Healthy Cookbooks

Cooking is made simple with diabetic-friendly recipes tailored to individual dietary needs like low-carb, gluten-free, vegetarian, low-sugar, or kid-approved options. Look for books with nutrition info per serving!

Food Gift Baskets

Treat them to sweet snacks  like chocolate, flavored nuts, or protein bars along with savory items like cheese, crackers, meats, and olives. Throw in some fun non-food goodies too like drink bottles or fuzzy socks (or our strawberry and orange glucose gels!)


Is the t1d in your life super active? We sure hope so! Fitness apparel in moisture-wicking fabrics, compression leggings, or bright colors and prints motivate one to get moving. For women, opt for leggings with pockets to hold glucose gels or snacks.


Not everything has to be related to t1d when it comes to giving gifts! You can also give tickets to a concert, play, sporting event, or museum to enjoy unique experiences together. Plan a trip or weekend getaway for making memories. Schedule time together doing an activity like hiking, cooking classes, ziplining, or pottery painting.

Subscription Boxes

Surprise them each month with curated boxes tailored to their hobbies and interests. Choose from boxes featuring crafting supplies, sweets, golf gear, grilling recipes, beauty products, coffee samples, or even dog toys! Low on The Go offers subscription boxes for t1d’s that include all types of goodies to help combat lows.

When shopping for gifts for the t1d in your life, the possibilities are endless. Focus on gifts that make daily diabetes management easier, promote healthy habits, or simply provide comfort. With these ideas, you’re sure to find something meaningful to surprise your loved one this holiday season!

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