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The Ideal Product For Low Blood Sugar — Why We Made Transcend The Way We Did

March 28, 2019

With so many products on the market that can be used to treat hypoglycemia and more always on the way, we wanted to explain the decision making process that went into our creation. Transcend Foods, a diabetes nutrition business founded in 2015, is focused on treating low blood sugar faster, starting with our 15 gram Transcend Glucose Gel. As one diabetes leader said, “Transcend brings innovation to living with diabetes and treating low blood sugar, which is something we haven’t seen in years.” Transcend Glucose Gel products are the best solution to raise low blood sugar quickly, and they do so with few calories and amazing taste.


Let’s be honest, taste is important. With lows occurring as often as they do, no one wants to continuously turn to a product for treatment that they don’t enjoy consuming because of its taste. As much as we dislike the feeling of low blood sugar, the least we can ask for is a product we love to treat it with. We spent hours and hours in our taste lab, pushing our team to create the best tasting product possible. Our first flavor was strawberry. It’s the perfect marriage of fresh strawberries and jolly ranchers— not too sweet, not too tart — and absolutely delicious. We then decided to create an orange flavor. It’s a sweet rendition of a low-blood sugar classic — orange juice and freshly squeezed oranges. The candy-like flavor, in glucose gel form, brings a fresh approach to a hypoglycemia staple. The sun is shining again for orange lovers everywhere. Both of our flavors have been well received in the community by all ages.

Side Effects of Hypoglycemia

When it comes to hypoglycemia, there are certain side effects that make treatment with some products easier than others. While we were creating Transcend, one of our focus points was to make a product that could be easily consumed no matter what side effects were being experienced. Side effects of a blood sugar low can include: lightheadedness, dizziness, dry mouth, sweating, hunger, fatigue, nausea, and mental confusion. While experiencing such unenjoyable symptoms, the last thing someone wants is to have to worry about how they’re going to treat them. Counting candies may be difficult, and it’s possible to be inaccurate in the process. Many glucose tabs are unappetizing and may be the last thing you want when experiencing nausea and dry mouth symptoms. Glucose powders, especially with a dry mouth, can become a choking hazard. The main goal during a low is to get it treated as quickly as possible. That’s why Transcend Glucose Gels contain 15g of fast-acting glucose, the recommended amount by the American Diabetes Association. We’ve made our gels extremely easy to open so those experiencing lightheadedness, dizziness, and trembling no longer have a concern of accessing their treatment. We’ve also created two delicious flavors that won’t increase any nausea. The most important aspect of Transcend is the fact our products are in gel form. The gel is easily and quickly absorbed in the bloodstream, and it’s not a choking hazard. We’ve had babies and toddlers use our gels with wonderful results.

Choking Hazard

For young type 1’s, ease of consumption is very important. This often leads to juice, but while juices may raise blood sugar, it’s highly possible for them to cause another crash. It can be difficult to get a child to consume a glucose tab, especially if they are young. The biggest concern, particularly for children with type 1, are glucose powders. These powders can be a serious choking hazard, especially when experiencing hypoglycemia and dry mouth symptoms. Our gels are easy to consume and safe for all ages.

Emergency Responders

Another reason we chose to create gels instead of some other form of glucose is because emergency first responders are required to use a liquid product. Due to some of the previously mentioned concerns around tablets and powders, first response teams must keep a liquid form of glucose on hand at all times. We decided to produce a gel that these teams could trust and rely on to help those in need. As a result, Transcend has become one of the most carried glucose gels by first responders throughout the nation.

When we set out to create Transcend, there were some big boxes that needed to be checked. It wasn’t easy, but we managed to succeed in creating the most well-rounded product on the market to treat hypoglycemia. From taste, side effects of hypoglycemia, to safety and first responders, Transcend Glucose Gels are the most ideal and efficient way to treat low blood sugar.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy Transcend Glucose products today.

Transcend Glucose Gels are available in two flavors including: Strawberry and Orange.

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