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Tips to Manage Diabetes During Holidays

With the holiday season quickly approaching, us type 1’s have to be extremely mindful of what we eat during all of the festivities and celebrations.

December 16, 2019

The shift of being so on top of managing your diabetes all year can easily be thrown off during the holiday season with parties, drinks, sweet treats and copious amounts of delicious foods in front of you. Don’t get thrown off!  Transcend is here to help guide your holiday season with these tips on how to manage your diabetes amongst all of the cheer & spirit.

Eat breakfast earlier in the day filled with fruits or vegetables. You’ll stay full during all of the cooking up until it’s time to eat again!
We recommend socializing instead of grazing! Try to resist taste testing while you’re cooking. (We know how hard it can be not to try each dish!) This will help maintain a healthy blood sugar throughout the day and make sure you are not loading up on carbs until the time is right (dinner – yum!).
Stay hydrated – keep drinking water throughout the day.
If you are hosting a party, be sure your meals are filled with lean proteins, fresh fruit and delicious vegetables.
When you’re presented with appetizers, take a small plate and try to keep the mayo-based dips to a minimum.
Keep yourself moving! Be sure to walk around in-between courses, during appetizers, etc. Keeping your body moving with exercise is a great way to help maintain average blood sugars.
Examine all food options and choose wisely! Treat yourself to the delicious dishes, but be mindful on the portions.

Don’t let diabetes get in the way of celebrating the holidays. While at your holiday functions, be sure to keep Transcend Glucose Gels on you at all times. You may be anticipating higher blood sugars during the season, or while at holiday parties, but it is important to be able to effectively treat hypoglycemia and low blood sugars at all times. Transcend Glucose Gels conveniently come in 1oz pouches that you can easily fit in your backpack, purse or even pocket.

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