Transcend Warrior – Alyson Crisp

My Story:

Living with diabetes can be very depressing and overwhelming. I think all diabetics eventually come to a point where they want to just give up. Give up the shots, the carb counting, the finger pokes…I went through this about a year and a half ago. I stopped testing, just gave myself whatever amount of insulin I wanted, ate everything and anything all without a care. This kind of lifestyle is not fit for a diabetic and it lead me to the ER. I was so sick and throwing up everything. I left my tester at work two days prior and did not check my sugars at all. When I was in the ER my sugar was 589. I was so scared. The doctor told me I was in DKA and that I had to be admitted to the ICU. This was by far one of the scariest times of my life but I am so thankful for it. I was referred to an Endocrinologist when I was released from the hospital and she is my angel. My A1C dropped from a 12.5 to a 5.8 in less than a year. She started me on an insulin pump almost immediately and spent every appointment talking with me and helping me. She is now my favorite doctor and I look forward to my appointments with her.

My Health Details

  • Type of Diabetes:Type 2
  • Low blood sugar instances per week:4-5 Instances
  • Daily number of times checking blood sugar:4-6 times/day
  • Managing Diabetes with:Insulin Pump
  • What age were you diagnosed with diabetes?16+
  • How long does it typically take you to come up when you are low?1-2 hours

Do you have a diabetic hero that you look up to? If so, who and why?

My diabetic hero is not actually a diabetic. My Endocrinologist is my hero. She is so very understanding and saved my life. I’ve been to so many Endocrinologists and she was the first to treat me like a human.

What is your biggest challenge with diabetes?

My biggest challenge would be the carb counting and remembering to test my sugar.

What have you learned from your experiences with diabetes?

I have learned that I am a lot stronger than what I thought I was. I never thought I would be able to accomplish what I have while being a diabetic. I also love when people ask me questions about it so I can help them understand.