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Transcend Warrior – Heather Schoenfeldt

March 10, 2020

My Story:

Having diabetes and working as a nurse in intensive care, I never know if I will have a chance to take a break, let alone eat lunch. My patients and their families depend on me to be there for them during a very difficult time in their lives. Transcend gels are quick and easy to carry in my scrub pockets, minimizing the time I have to spend walking away from a sick patient who needs me, due to low blood sugar. Diabetes doesn’t care about the fact that I am at work, or if my patient is unstable, or whatever I may be doing. It means no breaks, no vacations, and sometimes no sleep. I am glad I can count on these gels to help me get through my shift and be able to provide the best care possible for my patients.

My Health Details
Type of Diabetes:Type 1
Low blood sugar instances per week:4-5 Instances
Daily number of times checking blood sugar:4-6 times/day
Managing Diabetes with:Insulin Pump
What age were you diagnosed with diabetes?16+
How long does it typically take you to come up when you are low?Under 1 hour
How has Transcend helped treat your low blood sugars?

A few weeks ago I had a few bad low blood sugars…one was so bad I ended up in the back of an ambulance headed to the ER. All I had was tablets, and I was throwing up, unable to keep anything down. After that day, I made the decision that I needed to always have glucose gel with me. Not only for these bad lows, or times when glucose tabs or food won’t stay down, but also for the fact that being married to a pilot, I’m home alone A LOT! When I would have bad lows while alone, I would panic. My heart would race and my mind would immediately picture the worst possible outcomes. One of my worst lows happened while on vacation last summer. My stomach was upset, and it was the middle of the night. My blood sugar was in the 40s, and it took over an hour and a half of eating tablets to come up, and then my blood sugar skyrocketed super high….I wish I had some gels back then. Since ordering and trying my first Transcend gels, I have been able to stay calm and trust that my blood sugar will come up, and everything will be okay. These gels are LIFE SAVING. Literally. Now when my blood sugar is dropping fast, they are the first thing I reach for. I know I can depend on them to work, and do so fast! I know they will also keep my blood sugar from shooting up to dangerously high levels…Thank you Transcend for giving my family, husband, and I peace of mind. I will be forever grateful for your product.

Do you have a diabetic hero that you look up to? If so, who and why?

One of my diabetes heroes is a friend I went to nursing school with. She was diagnosed as a child and had been on shots and a pump. When I was diagnosed at 22 fresh out of school, she met with me and talked for hours, helping me cope and learn, and come to terms with my new life. She still checks in on me here and there, and has been a wonderful source of advice, hope, and strength.

What is your biggest challenge with diabetes?

My biggest challenge with diabetes is accepting the fact that not every day will be perfect. There will be highs and lows, but the overall picture is more important. Don’t beat yourself up. You got this. Tomorrow is a new day.

What have you learned from your experiences with diabetes?

Having diabetes has taught me how strong you can become when life throws you challenges. I remember being angry at first when I was diagnosed, but having diabetes has given me so many amazing opportunities I would have never had before. I have been able to meet with parents whose children were recently diagnosed and help them get over the fears of the unknown, and show that diabetes will not stop their child from living a long and normal life. I have been able to hold a patients’ hand during their first low blood sugars, and teach them how to draw up insulin and give themself a shot. While having diabetes has definitely been challenging, and I still have my share of bad and frustrating days, I am so grateful to God for how He has used this disease in my life.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

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