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Transcend Warrior – Jackie Downing

July 21, 2020

My Story:

I have learned that depression and diabetes can go hand and hand, but that mental health is important to getting a handle on my type one diabetes. With lots of help from my medical team, I am finally on the right regimen needed to conquer diabetes fully. Striving for mental health can really help you conquer the ups and downs of diabetes.

My Health Details
Type of Diabetes:Type 1
Low blood sugar instances per week:1-3 Instances
Daily number of times checking blood sugar:1-3 times/day
Managing Diabetes with:Insulin Shots
What age were you diagnosed with diabetes?16+
How long does it typically take you to come up when you are low?Under 1 hour
Do you have a diabetic hero that you look up to? If so, who and why?

I really admire the podcaster Rob Howe from Diabetics Doing Things. Not only is he a type one diabetic but he interviews other amazing diabetics, showcasing the many things they can accomplish.

What is your biggest challenge with diabetes?

My biggest challenge is food! Finding the right balance of health without feeling deprived is quite hard.

What have you learned from your experiences with diabetes?

That I am stronger than I  think, and that it’s okay to fall down and get back up and start a new tomorrow.

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