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Transcend Warrior – Kamryn Pendleton

April 22, 2020

My Story:

I was diagnosed with Type 1 at only 19 months old. I have struggled with lows my whole life seeing as I always wanted to play sports or be active. Growing up it was a constant battle of “will juice before enough?” “let’s try candy.” then having a high blood sugar because of it.

My Health Details
Type of Diabetes:Type 1
Low blood sugar instances per week:4-5 Instances
Daily number of times checking blood sugar:7+ times/day
Managing Diabetes with:Insulin Shots
What age were you diagnosed with diabetes?0-5
How long does it typically take you to come up when you are low?1-2 hours
Do you have a diabetic hero that you look up to? If so, who and why?

Myself. I have struggled and overcome fighting with my diabetes. I am the only type one in my family and so I have had to learn it all myself.

What is your biggest challenge with diabetes?

Blood sugars due to having to switch from my pump and dexcom.

What have you learned from your experiences with diabetes?

It does not control my life and I shouldn’t let it.

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