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Transcend Warrior – Kendra Cheda

August 15, 2018

My Story:
Being diagnosed at 21 years of age was a difficult transition! I was a Junior in college and I was Majoring in nursing! After spending a week in the hospital a nurse asked me “Will you be continuing with Nursing school or are you just going to go back home?” This question was so confusing to me because without a doubt in my mind of course I was going to persist and transcend through this difficult diagnosis. She then added that she couldn’t even imagine to go through being diagnosed with type 1 and nursing school. Nevertheless a year later I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and hope to land a job as a pediatric diabetes nurse educator! With these goals, I plan to not only educate pediatrics about diabetes but have them understand that although type 1 is no fun, you can do anything!
Transcend glucose gels have been a savior to me! Not only do they fit right in your pocket or purse, but they don’t make you spike which was a struggle for me being newly diagnosed! They tasty yummy and will literally save your life during a low!

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