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Transcend Warrior – Nancy Mancuso

June 10, 2019


My Story:

I love to run, workout and lift weights. I never know when my exercise is going to play nice from going high or dropping low. Transcend allows me the ease of carrying in my pump bag for a quick “comeback” when low.

I was devastated when I was diagnosed in 2009. I was fit, working out 5 times a week and super healthy. I started out on Metformin and slowly lost all insulin production. As a result, I decided to go on the Omnipod System. I bedazzle my pumps with rhinestones to help ease the ongoing struggle of my highs and lows. I have yet to reach a steady glucose number. However, I always carry a Transcend with me to combat the severe lows when they occur. I am lucky still that I do feel a low (usually in the 60’s or lower) in which I test immediately. When I was unable to find the “Level” glucose gel, I was lucky enough to stumble on Transcend. You need to be out in the market more!!!! Love the taste, the packaging makes it easy to open quickly and they have gotten me from a 27bg to a 50bg in order to get myself in a safer atmosphere.

My Health Details

Type 1 Diabetes

Low blood sugar instances per week: 1-3

Daily number of times checking blood sugar: 4-6

Managing Diabetes with: Insulin Pump

How has Transcend helped treat your low blood sugars?

They would bring me up instantly.

You can find Nancy on Instagram at @lilnance5

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