Transcend Warrior – Peter Jutzi

My Story:

My story started, in a way, before I was born. My oldest brother was diagnosed at age 3, before I was born. My parents knew all of the symptoms, so when I started showing a few of them they used my brother’s meter to check my blood sugar level. It was slightly elevated, not even high enough for me to feel sick. I was diagnosed on December 18th, 1995 and spent most of the week before Christmas in the hospital. When it came time for my first insulin injection, the nurse asked if I wanted to do it myself, which wasn’t a problem for me. I never really thought much about it growing up. My parents helped me take good care of myself, and I was definitely an active kid. During my late teenage years and into my twenties, I went through a burnout that had me in dka twice. I started on a pump in September of 2018, and CGM in March of 2019. I’ve always been aware of lows, but haven’t really found the ideal way to treat them quite yet. I’ve had some success with juice boxes and granola bars, but I’m looking for a better strategy.

My Health Details

  • Type of Diabetes:Type 1
  • Low blood sugar instances per week:1-3 Instances
  • Daily number of times checking blood sugar:7+ times/day
  • Managing Diabetes with:Insulin Pump