Transcend Warrior – Robert Gonzalez

My Story:

Being a professional musician, I’m constantly performing. One show my blood sugar dropped rapidly from performing and I had to take a long break in order to treat my low sugar.

My Health Details

  • Type of Diabetes:Type 1
  • Low blood sugar instances per week:1-3 Instances
  • Daily number of times checking blood sugar:1-3 times/day
  • Managing Diabetes with:Insulin Pump
  • What age were you diagnosed with diabetes?11-15
  • How long does it typically take you to come up when you are low?Under 1 hour

Do you have a diabetic hero that you look up to? If so, who and why?

I do not. I tend to be my own hero when I’m constantly reminded with dealing with diabetes on top of life.

What is your biggest challenge with diabetes?

My biggest challenge is always staying balance with my blood sugars and weight loss.

What have you learned from your experiences with diabetes?

I’ve learned that what ever I’m doing in life is always going to be double the duty.