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Transcend Warrior – Roy Giunta

October 21, 2019

My Story:

I was diagnosed at the age of 5, 48 now. Living with type 1 for over 40 years. I was diagnosed the day before my 5th birthday. Typical symptoms of excessive thirst, constant urination, tired all the time. I was rushed into the hospital after my bloodwork came back with a BG of over 600. I spent 2 weeks in the hospital and put immediately on insulin. I had a pretty normal childhood but missed out on a lot of things due to my diabetes. I struggled with it and rebelled for a while as a teenager. Had a few complications later in life due to it. Now I try to live a more healthy lifestyle with a better diet and slowly getting into an exercise routine.

My Health Details
Type of Diabetes:Type 1
Low blood sugar instances per week:4-5 Instances
Daily number of times checking blood sugar:4-6 times/day
Managing Diabetes with:Insulin Pump

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