Transcend Warrior – Theresa Hastings

My Story:

I have been type 1 for almost 21 years. In 2014, I met my first fellow T1D and my involvement in the diabetes community expanded exponentially over the next 5 years. I helped begin a peer support group for women with type 1 through DiabetesSisters, began volunteering for JDRF, got involved with DIY Looping and The Nightscout Foundation, and have turned my passion for helping diabetics find community and self-empowerment into a career at JDRF!

My Health Details

Type 1 Diabetes

Low blood sugar instances per week: 4-5

Daily number of times checking blood sugar: 7+

Managing Diabetes with: Insulin Pump

How has Transcend helped treat your low blood sugars?

They are very quick! I love how they are a quick, pre-portioned 15g serving. Helps to keep me from over-treating!