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Why You Should Download the DMP App

December 15, 2020

During a time of social distancing and extra safety precautions, it can be even more challenging to find and be an active part of the diabetic community. We believe that DMP, otherwise known as Diabetes Management Platform, is the perfect solution to feeling supported! DMP is a free social networking app whose sole mission is to empower and educate the diabetic community. Users are able to virtually connect with those who have the same type of experiences and lifestyle. Not only this, but it is a reliable source to turn to for diabetic specialists. Let’s dive into the key features!

Community Forums

When experiencing something as specific as diabetes, it is often challenging to find others who are able to fully relate and connect with what you are going through. DMP offers community forums where users can discuss diabetic-related topics, establish genuine friendships through public forums, or engage in one-on-one chats! 

Get Professional Advice

Receiving advice from a professional in the diabetic field can be difficult which is why DMP offers hundreds of articles and resources as reference to any questions or concerns you may currently be having. Or better yet, connect with a trusted medical professional directly to get your most pressing questions answered fast.


Join in on some incredible livestreams hosted by those within the diabetic community, including dietitians who are informed on diabetic solutions, therapists who specialize in mental health, and advocates within the diabetic community.


We love that the Diabetic Management Platform is genuinely there for the community and consistently trying to improve the app. Upon first creating a profile, DMP’s official profile is the first to send a message to the user on the app. Users can then send their questions, concerns, or feedback at any time to this profile. There are real people managing the DMP profile, which means you will always be answered by a real life person instead of a robot.

All members of the DMP team are also available on the app and happy to help! DMP staff make clear in their bios that they are part of the DMP team.

As a diabetic brand ourselves, we want all warriors who’ve been dealt the hand of diabetes to have as much support, communication, and simplicity as possible within the community. Transcend with us by simply downloading the DMP app, and interacting with other diabetics like never before, or visit the website today!

And of course, if you’re feeling low, be sure to snag a gel or two and follow us on social media!

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