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Glucose Liquid Shots

15g of glucose in a 2.5 oz bottle

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Mixed Berry
Glucose Shots

Want to stock up and have plenty of Mixed Berry Glucose Shots on hand? Get 10% off when you buy 3 cartons or more


Glucose Gels + Shots Trio

Interested in trying all three glucose products? Look no further - one 6-pack of mixed berry shots, one 15-pack of orange gels, and one 15-pack of strawberry gels are included in this pack.

Our gels and shots not only taste amazing, but both work equally well at raising blood sugar levels with 15g of fast-acting glucose — no more, no less. Try all three!

You Get:

  • One 15-pack of strawberry gels
  • One 15-pack of orange gels
  • 6-pack of mixed berry shots



Fast-Acting Glucose


Supports Healthy Blood Sugar


Used by First Responders


Gluten Free