Transcending Type 1

Create A New Normal This School Year

With such unprecedented times this year, you or your child’s back to school routine might look very different in Fall 2020. Whether you’re starting this school year learning online or in-person, it is so important to create a new routine that will not only benefit your diabetes management, but also help your overall health, wellness […]

A Summer Like Never Before, What To Know

COVID19 is still an active and spreading disease, even with businesses reopening. Educate yourself, your friends, your neighbors and your loved ones on what summer activities are deemed safe or a high risk when considering COVID. The CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, states the following as things that you should know: Stay home […]

Living Our New Normal

Transcend is here for you! We understand living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes puts us at a higher risk of experiencing COVID-19 complications, according to the American Diabetes Association – and we want you to know it’s important for us all to support and service our diabetes community. If we continue to stand […]

4 Diabetes Apps to Help Manage & Track Your Health

In light of recent events and the rise of COVID-19 across the world, those living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes are at higher risks of experiencing COVID-19 complications, according to the American Diabetes Association. With that said, it is so important that our community stays on top of managing our health and diabetes. […]

Kick Off Spring With Healthy Habits

In spring, the days start to get longer, the sun shines, and flowers bloom. With all of these new seasonal traits filling our days, opportunities to stay active and reboot your healthy habits —  especially outside — become possible once again. Transcend is here to encourage our diabetic community to kick off spring with healthy […]

Learning to Love

In light of February, the month of love, Transcend is encouraging our diabetic community to continuously love themselves. Living with an autoimmune disease, such as diabetes, is not a choice. But that does not mean that it has to dictate your life or stop you from living your days to the fullest. When living with […]

New Year, New Goals

Living with T1D means that you must be equipped and prepared to manage your diabetes every single day. When a new year rolls around, often times we start preparing for not only that day, but the year ahead. From resolutions, to goals, is it important to reach for something, even if it isn’t easily obtainable. […]

Tips to Manage Diabetes During Holidays

With the holiday season quickly approaching, us type 1’s have to be extremely mindful of what we eat during all of the festivities and celebrations. The shift of being so on top of managing your diabetes all year can easily be thrown off during the holiday season with parties, drinks, sweet treats and copious amounts […]

Celebrating World Diabetes Month

It’s finally November, our favorite month of the year! Celebrating World Diabetes Month and World Diabetes Day is really important to us and something we look forward to. Living with diabetes is a 365 days a year, 24/7 job, which means you deserve to celebrate all month long! Part of this celebration includes treating yourself, […]

Halloween with Type 1

It’s October, otherwise known as the month dominated by all things pumpkin. Not that we’re complaining, sometimes we wish it was October more often. However, October and pumpkins goes hand-in-hand with Halloween, which can be an intimidating and challenging day for diabetics and their parents. Our goal here is to provide support and ideas that […]

Back-To-School — Make Managing Type 1 A Breeze

So you’ve made it through the rising temperatures of the summer. Maybe you’ve managed your diabetes while traveling or sent your little type one off to diabetes camp. None of these are easy to accomplish, but you’ve found a way. So what mountain will you climb next? With the school year quickly approaching, it’s about […]

5 Tips Kids on How to Manage Their Diabetes at School

Be yourself! If you tell people what you are dealing with, they’ll be there to support you. Talk to your school nurse. Let them support you manage your T1D in a way that works best for you. Bring low blood-sugar snacks–and don’t let your friends eat them, no matter how tasty they are. This is […]