Transcending Type 1

Introducing Glucose Shots: A New Delicious Way to Control Your Lows

We’re so excited to share with you the newest product we’ve added to the Transcend family. Introducing our Mixed Berry Glucose Shots that give you immediate, direct and precise blood sugar support when you need it the most. The American Diabetes Association recommends treating low blood sugar or hypoglycemia with 15 grams of glucose. Just […]

9 Helpful Mental Health Resources for Greater Peace of Mind

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and we’re pausing throughout the month to acknowledge just how much diabetes affects our overall mental health. Turns out, it’s a lot. Today, we’re focusing on what resources can help us navigate the complexities that come with having a disease that affects each of us every day. These […]

How To Integrate An Exercise Schedule Into Your Daily Routine

Scheduling at least 30 minutes of exercise on most days is critical to maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing when managing diabetes. Overall, the American Diabetes Association recommends 150 minutes per week, or 30 minutes per day, five days per week.  They call it the “Magic 150.” Sounds special, right? That’s because regular physical activity helps […]

Challenge Your Cardio

Are you someone who jumps on the treadmill and walks or runs a set distance or duration every time? If so, you’re probably missing out on the true calorie-burning benefits of a cardio workout. When managing diabetes, maintaining a healthy exercise routine is paramount to your wellbeing. In fact, exercise lowers blood glucose levels and boosts […]

Month of Hope: Warrior Highlight

Did you know that April is the Month of Hope? Hope can change situations and lives, it is an emotion that is determined by each individual. We know April is almost over but it’s never too late to share the inspirational stories of our Transcend Warriors. Each one of our Transcend Warriors share their own […]

Why Should You Join a Diabetes Online Community?

Social media has become a crucial part of our everyday lives. In the last year, everything has gone virtual and we had to make a lot of adjustments to our lives. We gather news updates, connect with family and friends, shop and build communities through social media, especially in a COVID-19 world.  Day to day […]

Valentine’s Day Recipes

Healthy Treats and Meals Made to Impress Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and we all want to indulge in some delicious treats, whether it be with your significant other, friends or you are celebrating yourself. It is still the beginning of 2021 and we want to stay on track to make this our best year […]

New Year, New You, Right?

Simple tips to make 2021 your best year yet! New year, new you, right? 2020 was definitely one for the books. Let’s kick off 2021 being our best selves and get into a healthy routine.  Do you plan on taking charge of your health, both physical and mental this year? According to the CDC, patients […]

Why You Should Download the DMP App

During a time of social distancing and extra safety precautions, it can be even more challenging to find and be an active part of the diabetic community. We believe that DMP, otherwise known as Diabetes Management Platform, is the perfect solution to feeling supported! DMP is a free social networking app whose sole mission is […]

Celebrate YOU During National Diabetes Month

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month – which means all month long we are celebrating YOU! Come to think of it, you should celebrate yourself a bit more this month, you deserve it. We thought there’d be no better way to celebrate than listing off our top five self-care tips. From taking the extra time […]

5 Tasty Fall Recipes for Diabetics

When the weather begins to cool down, it’s easy to get excited about the endless amount of seasonal dishes we see trending. We all love pies, stuffing, drinks, and desserts as much as the next person. Unfortunately, many classic holiday treats come with a high carb price tag. Which is why today we are sharing […]

Create A New Normal This School Year

With such unprecedented times this year, you or your child’s back to school routine might look very different in Fall 2020. Whether you’re starting this school year learning online or in-person, it is so important to create a new routine that will not only benefit your diabetes management, but also help your overall health, wellness […]